Monday, January 22, 2018

Deep Analysis of Hard optimism & Sadhguru

1. Being Optimistic
    * Do not think negatively rather than pumping optimism
 2. Asses your current level of optimism
     A card carrying pessimist
3. Use the explanatory style of an optimist
    Set back / bad events are temporary , they will pass soon followed by good fortune
    Self appreciation and credit of success , less complaining the self in case of failure
    Positive or good things are pervasive and last for long
    size the problem and create a boundary , it will be easy to resolve
4. Eliminate the explanatory style of a pessimist
    Problems or set back are here for long time
    Victories are short lived
    blame the self for failure
   catastrophising  the problem and no boundary for problem makes difficult to solve
5. Recognize and dispute negative thought 
    remove negative thinking when it is young
    do not catastrophise small problem
    do not indulge in complain , critic , commiserate
    less space for optimism if carried away with dry negative thoughts
    certainly not your consciousness giving you warning or preparing you to handle it .it is the nature that bad things chases good things away. So no second thought to stop negative thinking.

    refocus the mind to different thing if eliminating negative is not working
  6. Use positive reappraisal whenever possible
       find the opportunity to raise  when problem hits rather than suffering or surrendering to it
   7. Use negative thinking wisely . Use it during the break only in appropriate environment to accept the worst case ,but not possible for all events at all

In short it's to eliminate negative thinking whenever it starts. use an analysis break to set the action plan. only aware of completing the actions and forcefully apply hard optimism.
Do not indulge in analysis if it's very very very appropriate at that moment. else note it down for next analysis break . bring back mind to happy and at this moment

Combine this with Sadhguru's quotes
1. All Rules are my rules
2. This moment is inevitable and be happy now
3. My responsibilities are unlimited
4. I am being the mother to the world

and add some of intusion
* No one is less than me or greater than me. Treat others little above me
* express and show the love
* be open and communicative
* Always be happy
Father is with me & God is with me

In Short , Stay positive
Eliminate the negative thinking , let optimism flows and always be hard optimists
be happy at the moment , stop analysis ,stay calm , do analysis only during the 1 hour window , stick to the action items
practice happiness and optimism all time

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